CGI Images & CGI Designs

3D Visualisation (CGI) is an incredibly versatile way of creating photorealistic images for use in a wide range of media. 3D Visualisation gives you the ability to get high-quality images of a design, model or plan without any manufacturing costs. We can work with the CAD data used in the design (or, if this is not available, they can be modelled from scratch) and build them into a virtual photo studio. The model can then be textured, lit and ‘photographed’ from as many camera angles as required; all this is set up with accurate real-world values to enhance realism, resulting in stunning images for products that don’t actually exist yet.


With a selection of angles we’ll open up, tidy and dress interiors to make them look as spacious as possible and draw the focus to the most important parts of the room.


Our residential CGIs assure clients, backers and buyers that the proposal is tangible and of high standard. We take time to dress the spaces to make sure our CGIs are rich in detail and aspirational.