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CAD Visuals Ltd offer a range of specialist 3D Visualisation services to clients throughout the UK
What we do

Cadmap Visuals offer a range of CGI ‘Computer Generated Images’, 3D Visualisation images, 3D Architectural Rendering Services and 3D Animation to various clients such as Architects, Marketing Companies, Property Developers and Designers.

Cadmap Visuals can provide stunning, very realistic and cost-effective computer-generated images and animations of your design projects. From simple 3D images for feasibility studies and early discussions, to high-quality marketing images to enable the best representation of the proposed development, 3D floor plans and flythrough animations can also be provided, we will provide the most efficient and effective methods for presenting your scheme to customers, investors, planners and internal meetings.

3D models can be created from scratch from 2D drawings to enable an accurate end result, many clients issue Cadmap with the 3D model to be rendered in certain view locations.

Professional staff at Cadmap Visuals operate the latest software to generate the 3D visuals such as 3DS Max and AutoCAD and we can provide the following service.


The management team at Cadmap Visuals have a combined experience of 40 years within the drafting  and CGI industry working as creative artists and technicians for blue chip companies working on historic projects.

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